"Why does my dog always get so excited when I talk to him?"

If you have a hyper, excitable dog, the best thing you can do is to stop talking to him. When we talk to our dogs, it gets them excited and happy; and it really doesn’t matter what we are saying to them. The constant chatter sounds more like a yipping puppy and that can make some dogs get really excited and want to play; it can also make others more anxious and react to anything that it perceives as the cause of your anxiety (whether you’re actually feeling anxious or not). This is most often other dogs, but it can also be people and even objects.

So when you’re walking down the street and your dog is pulling your arm out of its socket to sniff the dog walking towards you, talking to him and saying, “Sparky, no! Sparky you’re going to hurt Mommy! Sparky, don’t do that! Come on, Sparky let’s go!” Your dog has tuned out and likely become MORE interested in the other dog, since it has got you very excited as well.

A simple pop on the leash (if you are using a training collar like a martingale or a prong) and a command like “Nope!” or “Heel!” will be much more effective and reach the dog quicker than a conversation he doesn’t understand. The goal is to snap your dog’s focus off the other dog and back to you so it’s important to at least appear calm (fake it till you make it if need be!).

When he or she is calm, and you want to share a moment, talking to your dog can and does help you bond with them.

Photo Shoot with Merlin

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should never talk to your dog. When he or she is calm, and you want to share a moment, it can and does help you bond with them. At home, when out on a walk, enjoying nice weather on an outdoor patio; it doesn’t matter. As long as your dog is calm and you aren’t going to cause him to react, it’s amazing therapy being able to chatter away at our dogs.

Happy Training! 🐶

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