What the heck is THAT thing?!

Why do I use prong collars and e-collars (remote training collar)???

Many people, dog lovers, owners, and trainers, think these tools are cruel and unnecessary and would like to see them banned.

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Does that mean I am a mean and cruel person? No. Does it mean I am a bad dog trainer? No. Then why would I use cruel and unnecessary tools in my training?

I use these tools because I have found that, on the contrary, these tools are actually kind, gentle, and very necessary.

For example, before he died, I had a highly dog reactive Doberman named Apollo. He was so bad that I needed a muzzle so that I wouldn’t get bit, and also the other dog if it came too close. By using the ecollar to teach him that it was totally uncalled for – and potentially dangerous – to act that way, he learned to trust that I would take care of him and keep him safe. Yes, that’s right, by using a “shock” collar, I was able to communicate with my dog that I was going to keep him safe!

Before he died, he was able to be with new and strange dogs both on leash and off. I learned that he absolutely LOVED small dogs (thanks to Buddha). And no, not to eat them! ☺

These tools have also been a game changer for many of my clients. Dogs who barked at people and other dogs, stopped. Dogs who liked to chase anything that moved, started making better choices almost the moment I put the collar around their neck. Dogs who were scared of every little noise, learned that there was really nothing to worry about.

Prong and e-collars provide clear, concise communication that the dog UNDERSTANDS.

Dogs touch each other when they communicate. Whether during playtime, or if one dog is setting a boundary for a new dog in the pack, they use their teeth. To bite. Not hard, but with just enough force to let the dog know “Playtime” or “That’s not acceptable!”

That’s why these tools work. 

We do the same when we want to play with the dog. For my guys, when I tap my toes on their toes, they start to act goofy because they know I want to play. Merlin especially! ☺

So, if you have tried everything you can think of, but are leery on trying one if these tools, contact me to arrange a free consultation and demonstration. I have helped many dogs become calm and their owner in control – and I can help you and your dog too!

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